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10 Dog Training Marketing Ideas To Get You More Clients

No matter how experienced and certified dog training marketer you are, if people do not know that, you will not get the clients that you need to succeed and grow. The most important thing that what dog training marketing strategies you take to get more clients and stand out from all of the other dog training marketers in your area.

Check out these top 10 dog training marketing ideas that can help you grow your client base and stay on top of your dog training marketing game.

01. Get Your Business Listed on Google Maps

Before you put any other marketing idea into practice, make sure you have listed your dog training business listed on Google Maps. To get your business visible on Google Maps, set up your Google Business Profile. It’s free! It’s first on this list because if you’re not listed on Google Maps, you can’t easily share your business location with your clients.

Google Maps is also the best way to attract nearby customers who are searching online for dog training marketing in their area.

Our top tips for creating a perfect Google My Business profile:

  • Make sure that your basic business info is complete and correct
  • Write a good description highlighting your services
  • Add beautiful photos to your listing
  • Add a booking app, services menu, or a link to your appointments page
  • Add some Google My Business posts, offers, and events to generate interest

02. Create or Update Website and Enable Online Appointment Booking

Your dog training website is often the first impression you have with new clients. And as you’re in the pet industry, I’m sure you know how important a first impression is. Put your best foot forward with a simple and easy to navigate website that conveys your brand’s personality and attracts your ideal client archetype.

Our top tips for creating a perfect dog training business website:

  • Add client video testimonial & image gallery
  • Service page and online booking page
  • Use the business number on the header and call-to-action
  • Use Google Analytics to track organic and advertising data
  • Make sure the website is fast and mobile friendly

03. Run Google Ads to Catch People Looking for Dog Training Marketing in Your Area

72% of your potential clients prefer to find information about local businesses like yours via search and Google is the leading search engine. So, when potential clients search for dog training marketer in your area, make sure you’re coming up first in Google! With Google Ads, dog training website can be at the top of the search results. Check our blog on Google Ads for dog training.

dog traing marketing for google ads ranking

Our top tips for dog training marketing Google Ads:

  • Use quality location keywords and service keywords
  • Use call extensions, sitelink extensions and callout extensions
  • Use location extension to show your business address with ad
  • Use negative keywords to avoid wasted spend
  • Make the ad for a specific offer, service, or piece of info

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Ready to begin your Google Ads journey?

04. Run Facebook & Instagram Ads That Get New Clients

Facebook advertising allows you to reach new clients through their social media feeds. Customize your target demographic and bring in new quality clients in no time! The good thing about Facebook advertising is that you have almost unlimited ability to reach your ideal target customer with ads.

Our top tips for Facebook ads for dog trainers:

  • Use remarketing campaign for all website visitors
  • Use the same headline on your ad as on your landing page/website
  • Make the ad for a specific offer, service, or piece of info
  • Use similar images and colors
  • Use call-to-action, and it has to be compelling

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5. Offer Referral Discounts

Nothing works better than positive word of mouth for a dog training business. Offer referral discounts to help spread the word. A good feedback can help you target similar customers.

Here are some ideas for referral discounts:

  • Refer-a-friend discount cards
  • Create a referral contest and get your team on board
  • Holiday referral offers
  • Make sure everyone wins
  • Thanks them for their referral

6. Ask Your Dog Training Clients to Leave Reviews

Reviews help people decide whether to visit your business or not. It’s the online version of word-of-mouth. So you want to make sure you have a good amount of reviews for your dog training studio on Google, Facebook, and Yelp. Not only do client reviews give confidence to new clients that you’re good, but it also helps your dog training marketing website rank better on Google.

You should always ask your clients to leave a review after their service on these platforms:

  • Google reviews
  • Facebook reviews
  • Yelp reviews
dog training marketing ideas for dog trainers

7. Drive Sales by Leveraging Seasonal Events

Create a calendar of events you can target to promote your dog training services. Apart from regular holidays, can you identify seasonal events that can provide promotional opportunities?

Here are some possible seasonal events to consider:

  • Black Friday & Cyber Monday
  • Christmas
  • Valentine’s Day
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day

8. Form Partnerships with Other Businesses

When mapping your target audience, you will find other businesses that your potential customers use. By teaming up with these other businesses you can find it easier to reach them.

You can partner with local businesses like:

  • Photographer
  • Local coffee shop
  • Pet shops
  • Massage therapy and spas
  • Fashion boutique/clothing store
  • Dental Clinic

9. Run Email and SMS Campaign

Although people reading and using email is on a decline, it is still an important marketing communications channel for businesses to communicate with clients, so don’t ignore it. In addition, Text marketing is a cost-effective way to draw your client’s attention. Not surprisingly, several small businesses run SMS campaigns to promote their business.

Our top tips on Email and SMS Campaign:

  • Send monthly email newsletters
  • Send text message reminders for appointments
  • Ask for an online review
  • Send thank you emails
best dog training marketing ideas for dog training business (2)

10. Impress with your Facebook and Instagram profiles

There’s no dog training marketing strategy without social media. Think of it as your precious online portfolio. Pictures, hashtags, videos and contests are just some of the ways you can build a strong community of clients through social media.

Some tips for your social media activities:

  • Up to date with dog training marketing trends
  • Show off your skilled staff
  • Post short videos during and after your services
  • Use the correct hashtags, especially on Instagram
  • Showcase your skill and certification on Facebook and Instagram
  • Offer flash sales on social media profiles

Take some time to consider what are the best marketing ideas for your dog training business and how you’d like to promote yourself as a dog training marketing.

Ready to begin your Google Ads and Facebook Ads journey?

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